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Painting >> Sweeney's Contracting handles all aspects of painting interior and exterior surfaces. From brush and roller to airless sprayer, we can handle all your painting needs.

Trim Work >> Sweeney's Contracting has been installing window and door frames as well as baseboards for all types of rooms. From Windsor to Colonial, we will help you to decide what's best for your room.

Walls >> Sweeney's Contracting has been installing, relocating, taping, priming and painting walls for many customers. Call us today to see how we can help with your walls today.

Sweeney's Home Improvement ServicesWainscoting >> Sweeney's Contracting has helped many customers decide which type Wainscoting would be best for their walls. Bead board;  Shadowbox;  Picture Frame and Solid Panel are a few types we've installed for our customers.

Chair Rails >> Like Wainscoting, a Chair Rail adds an elegant touch to a dining room and many larger foyers. Sweeney's Contracting can help you decide what areas are best suited for this type finish carpentry.

Vinyl Siding >> Because Sweeney's Contracting is a one man company, we'll be glad to side a ranch style or small cape cod for any customer who wishes not to paint.

Sweeney's Home Improvement ServicesCeilings (Textured) >> Sweeney's Contracting recently finished a large project for a repeat customer who wanted swirl ceilings n her house. Seven ceilings in all were completed and they were happy someone still does that type work today.

Roofing >> Ralph Sweeney, owner operator recently roofed his own primary residence. See the photo gallery for a shot of Ralph on the roof.

Tiling >> Ralph also finished six tile jobs for a few customers recently. One of which he did for his addition which was recently finished in November 07'.

Sweeney's Home Improvement ServicesDecks >> Sweeney's Contracting finished three decks this year One deck is shown in this site on the photo gallery page.

>> Ralph has installed so many doors, it's too hard to recall each one. Give Sweeney's Contracting a call today to see how we can help with your door installation.

>> Sweeney's Contracting has completed hundreds of window installations over many years. Window technology has grown with leaps and bounds with respect to energy savings products. Call or email Sweeney's Contracting with any questions about your next window project.

Specialty Finishes >> From sponging and color washing to positive and negative ragrolling techniques, Sweeney's Contracting can help provide the finish you want for the right look in the room you choose.

Sweeney's Home Improvement Services Laminate Flooring >> With so many floor coverings to choose from today, laminate flooring is one of the easier floors to install and are pretty durable. Call Sweeney's Contracting with any questions you may have about the floor your planning.

Finish Carpentry >> When done properly, finish carpentry adds such personality to any room. We have many ideas for your next trim project. Call today with any questions.

Floating Floors >> Like laminate floors, most floating floors are very durable. The floating floor is best over concrete due to its moisture barrier which comes on some already attached and with others is installed under the floating floor.

Framing >> This term is used to describe the building of a structure and is different from finish carpentry in that framing is what makes up your floors, walls and ceilings