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CT Home Improvement Contractor        
About Sweeney's Home Improvement Contracting

Meet Ralph Sweeney, owner & sole operator of Sweeney's Contracting. Ralph has more than 26 years experience, taking pride in providing a personal touch to every job.

In my experience with doing business here in the State of Ct., I've found that between licensing, self-employment taxation, business and vehicle insurance as well as advertising; it can become very, very expensive. I've tried alot of different avenues to save money on my operating costs, as well as trying to promote my business in a pretty competitive market, in a seasonal occupation to boot. Having said this, I try my best to be as affordable as possible to all my customers and still provide them with the best quality I can deliver. My goal with each customer is to give them the best deal I can without hurting my pocket. I have alot of customers who are very happy with my services and most are willing to refer me to you. Please give me a chance to earn your business before you decide who you're inviting into your home